Le Galaxie d’Amnéville
Le Galaxie d’Amnéville
Le Galaxie d’Amnéville
Le Galaxie d’Amnéville
Le Galaxie d’Amnéville

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The Curious History of the Haunted Castle

In a forest, the Russian Urals, a woodcutter lives there with her children in a small house. For several days his children are left alone because their father disappeared. A few miles is the village of Livanof and it is said that this region is persecuted by a witch who can, if it so desires, cast spells on men and animals ... Marie-Rose came to pass, herself a victim of the witch ... So she seeks refuge she met children who offered to host it.

An encounter with Merlin the Magician will change the destiny of our friends. Marie-Rose, then, will do everything to solve the mystery that surrounds this region ... Above the village of Livanof up there in the mountains, is a castle inhabited by strange characters ... Marie-Rose decides to go there because she knows that it is in this haunted castle she found the key to the mystery ...

On 20 March 2011

at : 15H00

Seating plan : 
Sitting Numbered

Price : 35 € / 39 €

Event close

Chantal Goya au Galaxie Amnéville

Promoter : 
Label LN
N° licence : Licence Galaxie 3-1012091

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