Le Galaxie d’Amnéville
Le Galaxie d’Amnéville
Le Galaxie d’Amnéville
Le Galaxie d’Amnéville
Le Galaxie d’Amnéville

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The new king is an austere man and authoritarian that is insensitive to the music of Mozart and allergic to the enthusiasm and the impertinence of the character. Mozart, Salzburg’s life quickly becomes untenable. He has 20 years when he decided to leave his hometown with his mother in search of a better future in a European capital.

The composer’s journey will be punctuated with setbacks and disappointments cruel. No European court does not commit, he knows his first disappointment in love with Alyosia Weber and he lost his mother in Paris, a city that rejects and humiliates her. Mozart returned to his austere and dull life in Salzburg when we learn the death of the Empress of Austria. The composer must accompany his employer, Colloredo, in Vienna to celebrate the new Emperor Joseph II. Vienna, European capital of music, will seal the fate of the composer. Mozart will know the glory of love, rivalry and fall and misery. He will die in the greatest destitution, leaving his finest work, the Requiem unfinished.

On 19 February 2011

at : 15H00

Seating plan : 
Sitting Numbered

Price : 41 € / 54 € / 68 €

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Mozart, l'opéra Rock au Galaxie Amnéville

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Label LN
N° licence : Licence Galaxie 3-1012091

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