Le Galaxie d’Amnéville
Le Galaxie d’Amnéville
Le Galaxie d’Amnéville
Le Galaxie d’Amnéville
Le Galaxie d’Amnéville

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Useful information

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- We invite all audience to acquaint with the internal regulations before making himself in Galaxie, as well as of the list of the prohibited objects.

- The glassy bottles are forbidden in Galaxie, bottles in plastics are allowed but without corks.

- A signposting is set up to make easier your access in Galaxie, the persons provided with an electronic ticket e-ticket or of a VIP ticket have reserved accesses.

- Once in the passageway, plans of room with the numbering of blocks are shown to find your site easily, do not hesitate to consult them.

- All the parkings are free.

- The refund of a ticket cannot be made only in case of cancellation of a concert, via the point of sale or you obtained it.

- Galaxy Méga Hall am located on the biggest foundation of free time of Europe, and encircled with numerous hotels and restaurants. Consult the site of the city and organize your weekend in Amnéville les Thermes.

- Doors not mostly about 1 h-2 h 30 before the concert. You can therefore arrive given that for concerts in investment libre: « first arrived, first served ») and so to restrict risk of traffic jam it.

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